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If you would like to help fund one of our projects, please send us your details through Contact Us


Current Appeal

Bartizan Turret Appeal

The original Kilwaughter Castle, a tower house in the Scots Baronial Style, was built in the first half of the 17th century, during the Ulster Plantation. Records indicate it was built by the Agnews, a planter family from Scotland. The use of Scots Baronial in the design of the building, including the distinctive bartizan turrets, indicates the strong links the Agnews still felt for their Scottish homeland, and a need to incorporate this identity into their architecture.

Unfortunately, over the years the condition of the castle has drastically deteriorated, and the wall supporting one of the bartizan turrets is on the verge of collapse. In order to avoid any further damage to the building, attempts are underway to save the turret.

The Kilwaughter Trust has recently commissioned Albert Fry Associates, to proceed though the correct and legal channels, working with the Historic Environments Division and Local Planning Authorities, to ensure the safe and sensitive removal of the bartizan turret, which is currently under threat of collapse. So far, the turret has undergone a laser scan by structural engineers, documenting the turrets current condition for future reference. Planning permission has been granted for the controlled take down of the turret section, removing the material brick by brick, carefully scanning and recording each brick's location. Once the wall associated with the turret has been reinforced according to conservation guidelines, the careful recording of the turret's removal will ensure its accurate reconstruction. The first step on a long road of major works, over a number of years, is due to start in the near future, but we need your help!!!

Kilwaughter Castle Restoration Group is working closely with heritage bodies to ensure the history and fabric of this important historic building is preserved for the local community and for future generations to come. It is important that these developments are completed sensitively and by experts in the field to ensure the integrity of the building is upheld.